Jennifer Comer


From the age of 8, Jenn was introduced and immersed in firearms. This was due to a military family background on both sides, both maternal and paternal. "Grandma Zeal, my Dad's mother had won several awards and trophies for Elite pistol shooting and Grandad had a plethora of awards throughout his military and law enforcement history for shooting. My brother seemed to always be winning a sharp shooting competition in the Army as well. We were always going out to shoot in the summer." Originally from Idaho, Jennifer served as a Deputy Sheriff for the Canyon County Sheriff. "That was tough, I was naive, I didn't realize how much town politics and personal agendas there were in LE until holding that position." From there she assisted in Sales with the family business of selling fire equipment to municipalities and then went to work for a firetruck manufacturing company in Boise. Jennifer still enjoyed shooting as a hobby with family and friends as well as hunting yearly for mule and whitetail deer. 

Growing up around firearms, I was taught early on to respect them and always treat every firearm as though it were loaded. My family did an excellent job of teaching the four rules of firearms and always solidifying those rules on the range.

Jennifer has worked and now volunteers as a Range Safety Officer for several ranges throughout Dane county. She also holds her Chief Range Safety Officer certificate which allows her to teach and certify new RSO's. She believes each and every person, regardless of their opinion of firearms should be knowledgeable on how to handle a gun in accordance with the 4 rules of firearm safety. Also that every person should have a basic knowledge of defensive tactics as well as taking a situational awareness class to be prepared for anything.