Personal Self Defense Training Options


CCW to Armed Citizen... $150.00

Taking a concealed carry course is only the first step in protecting yourself. Those wanting a better understanding of the law and what happens after an incident, so you are completely informed and prepared to carry a gun. This class focuses on when to use deadly force and any specific questions about carrying. We dispose of myths, introduce carrying methods and comfort for your carrying as well as teach drills with student practice, enhancing your confidence in being armed. Bring your questions and concerns and work with a myriad of professionals in the business to answer your questions.

Personal Protection in Your Home... $85.00

You need practical, actionable skills to help survive a violent intrusion of your home. Having a gun is not enough. You need a plan. We help you become mentally prepared for the contingencies involved in surviving a home invasion. What is your plan for self defense? What are the methods and equipment you need to minimize risk while maximizing your ability to stop the threat? How are your weapons staged throughout your home? How do you plan change based on who is in the house with you, young children, teens, people with special needs, and where they are located? We will be answering these questions and more. This can be conducted at your home or place of business. Contact us today to arrange a date and time.

Empowerment Strategies: Making sure you have the Advantage ... $65.00

We teach you how to eliminate a predator’s advantage and improve your situational awareness. Individuals of all ages will acquire the skill of relaxed awareness, learn how to avoid an attack and understand the tactics used by predators who manipulate prey into a state of vulnerability. Also included is a discussion of how to defend yourself without the use of a weapon. Conducted at your home or business, contact us today to schedule! Group discounts available!

NRA Basic Handgun & Range Safety Course ... $65.00

Never tried shooting a handgun? Did you try one when you were just a kid? This course will teach you the basics of handgun experience. We provide everything you need! Bring your curiosity and your desire to learn. We take care of everything else! You will walk away from this class feeling confident in how to safely handle a pistol, the fundamentals of shooting a handgun confidently and what best suits you in a handgun!

NRA Basic Pistol is approximately 8 hours and comes with a certificate. Service entire Madison area.

WI Concealed Carry Course ... $100.00

There are less expensive courses out there, but you get what you pay for. This class teaches you the law surrounding concealed carry for Wisconsin, as well as honing your competence to shoot. Everything is provided, including range time, ammo, targets, WI CCW registration is also included. You will need to bring your own handgun and 50 rounds (1 box) of ammo.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

- Concealed Carry Lifestyle/Mindset

- Where you are prohibited from carrying

- Carrying in other states- reciprocity

- The Law on the use of deadly force

- Firearms Safety

- Handguns and Carry Equipment

- Training

- Shooting, gun handling and qualification

- Obtaining your permit

This course if approximately 4-6 hours.

Individual Training ... $75.00

If you would prefer the individual attention of an Instructor along side you, teaching the basics of handgun basics, safety and use, schedule your preferred time today. We are also available to further your proficiency, evaluate any problems and increasing accuracy on the range. We can also cover using your firearm in a defensive situation and any other concerns you may have. Each topic is typically 1 hour, cost is per hour.

Range Safety Officer Course ... $100.00

Thinking of volunteering at your local Gun Club? A great way to assist is to become a Range Safety Officer (RSO). This course details all safety and training for supervision of a range. You will achieve your NRA certification as an RSO after completing the class. All materials are provided. This course is classroom only, no range qualification necessary.